20 Luglio 2024

LGBT+ people from Togo will be able to obtain refugee status in France

  In France, the National Court of Asylum (CNDA) recognizes the existence in Togo of a “social group” of homosexual people, giving them the right to []
20 Luglio 2024

Breaking news… Erdogan’s Cyprus warning to Mitsotakis: If you don’t think of something like that, keep going!

Speaking at the 20 July Peace and Freedom Day Celebration Ceremony in the TRNC, President Erdoğan explained the remarkable conversation he had with Greek Prime Minister []
16 Luglio 2024

About the celebration of the 200th anniversary of the birth of the son of Atokli Korakalpak poet and thinker Ajiniyaz Kosibai

Decision of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan The son of the famous Karakalpak poet and thinker Ajiniyaz Qosiboy, with his unique and meaningful work, []
16 Luglio 2024

A major women’s march in the capital, Sana’a, to commemorate the martyrdom of Imam Hussein, peace be upon him

This afternoon, the People’s Mosque Square in the capital Sana’a witnessed a major women’s march to commemorate the martyrdom of Imam Hussein, peace be upon him, []
13 Luglio 2024

Sheikh Naeem Qassem: Palestine is the main center and we are concerned with exerting our efforts to make Palestine a compass for us.

Deputy Secretary-General of Hezbollah, Sheikh Naim Qassem, confirmed that the resistance achieved 4 bright things. First, it gave strength to Lebanon. Second, it liberated Lebanon after []
13 Luglio 2024

DR. OSAMA AL-AZHARI , Minister of Endowments, confirmed that there are four files being prepared for implementation, the first of which is combating all forms of intellectual extremism, and working to protect all segments of Egyptian society from all forms of extremism.

The Minister of Endowments added that the second file is to confront counter-religious extremism, and to monitor all the rules and behaviors that lead to a []
13 Luglio 2024

South Korea Grants 23.21 Billion FCFA for Five Development Projects in Cameroon

The signing ceremony of the agreement on non-reimbursable aid from the Republic of Korea to Cameroon,… The signing ceremony of the agreement on non-reimbursable aid from []
13 Luglio 2024


Despite the battering rams of the forces of Evil, Burkina Faso is standing, the Burkinabe as well as the Burkinabe institutions, wherever they are, are holding []
12 Luglio 2024

President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev completes his state visit to Pakistan

President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev concluded his state visit to the Islamic Republic of Pakistan on July 12, Azernews reports. A guard of honor was []
12 Luglio 2024

Quand l’algérianité triomphe

Tebboune à Tizi Ouzou/Les citoyens lui ont réservé un accueil historique Quand l’algérianité triomphe Tebboune à Tizi Ouzou, c’est la victoire de l’Algérie sur la haine []
12 Luglio 2024

Shia protesters in Herat march in response to Taliban restrictions

Groups of Shia protesters in Herat marched through the city’s 12th, 9th, and 13th districts, waving Ashura flags and chanting “Labbaik Ya Hussain” as they expressed []
12 Luglio 2024

Taliban official labels Ashura ceremony as ‘Political and Foreign Innovation’

The Taliban’s chief of information and culture in Herat has denounced the Ashura ceremony as an “innovation” and stressed the need to curb “political and foreign []
6 Luglio 2024

The Leader of the Revolution’s message to Masoud Mezikian was published + details

In a message, the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution emphasized on the president-elect’s use of the many capacities of the country for the comfort of []
6 Luglio 2024

The informant’s congratulatory message to the elected president | I hope a new chapter of interaction and empathy will begin in the country

The congratulatory message of the Acting President to the President-elect is as follows Congratulating the Supreme Leader, the honorable candidates of this election cycle and especially []
20 Maggio 2024

Regional and global reflection of the martyrdom of the President and senior officials of Iran

Image of the martyrs – May 19, 2024  The martyrdom of the President, foreign minister and some senior officials of the Islamic Republic of Iran had []
20 Maggio 2024

Life of Late Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi

Image (Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi) Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi died when a helicopter carrying him went down for an undisclosed reason in the country’s East Azerbaijan []
20 Maggio 2024

Lavrov ‘Deeply Saddened’ by News of Death of Iranian President and Foreign Minister

image (Lavrov ‘Deeply Saddened’ by News of Death of Iranian President and Foreign Minister) Iranian Vice President Mohsen Mansouri confirmed reports of the death of President []
13 Maggio 2024

Erdogan: Netanyahu’s methods of genocide make Hitler jealous

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had reached “a level of genocidal methods that would []
14 Aprile 2024

Iran warns US against assisting any Zionist aggression

Hossein Amir-Abdollahian Saying that Iran does not seek to target American people and bases in the region, the Iranian Foreign Minister said that Iran will target []
9 Aprile 2024

Qatar confirms its support for the State of Palestine’s request for full membership in the United Nations

image –  Qatar confirms its support for the State of Palestine’s  The State of Qatar affirmed its support for the request of the State of Palestine []