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The most comprehensive network of Islamic universities on the web, a global census to create the leading representative of Islamic academic culture.
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A collection of TV stations and newspapers in the Islamic world in support of current events.

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An archive of publishing comapnies with publications exclusively related to the culture of Islamic world.
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An archive of museums that represents the origin of the culture of the countries included in the portal.


Our web site www.cyber-islam. Web site aims to guarantee global access to all the universities of the islamic world to inform the whole Mulsim community and those who are interested in the study of Islam. The site will become the instant and quick reference point- to inform on a global scale- of all the academic courses that are offered by all the universities involving specific directions regarding the study of Muslim culture. Moreover it represents a virtual place of diffusion of the culture of the countries which the portal is made of through publishing companies and museums, and of global information through the Media.


The Network denounces in the strongest terms Terrorism and any form of extremism against any community or country people regardless of religion, color, race and political opinion.

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