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30 Maggio 2021


Adhan, the Islamic call to prayer, is recited in Arabic before each of the five daily prayers from K 12 Adam and Eve a mosque. According […]
30 Maggio 2021

Adam and Eve

ancestral parents of all human beings according to Islamic belief Muslim understandings of Adam and Eve, the first human beings, are based on the qUran, the […]
30 Maggio 2021

Abu Bakr (573–634)

first of four Sunni “rightly guided” caliphs to rule the early Muslim community after Muhammad’s death in 632 Abu Bakr, the close companion and father-in-law of […]
30 Maggio 2021

Abraham (Ibrahim)

one of the leading Muslim prophets, believed to be the ancestral founder of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam One of the most important figures in Islamic sacred […]
30 Maggio 2021


Ablution involves the ritual cleansing of the body with pure water in preparation for performance of other acts of worship. Although there are minor differences of […]
30 Maggio 2021

Abd al-Aziz ibn Saud (Ibn Saud) (1880–1953)

charismatic founder of the modern Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and political patron of the conservative Wahhabi sect of Islam Abd al-Aziz was the descendant of the […]
30 Maggio 2021

Abbasid Caliphate (750–1258)

The Abbasid Caliphate was a long-lived Sunni dynasty that ruled the Islamicate empire for five centuries and set the standard for Muslim rulers who came later. […]
30 Maggio 2021

Aqsa Mosque (al-Masjid al-aqsa)

Regarded by most Muslims as the third most sacred mosqUe after those of mecca and medina, the Aqsa Mosque is situated on the eastern edge of […]